LBHS VAPE New Policy

December 16, 2019

LBHS New VAPE policy, a topic of everyone need to know.

LBHS VAPE New Policy

As most of you know, we have had an issue with students vaping on campus for a few years now. While this may be perfectly acceptable to them and their families, our campus is not an appropriate venue for it. Our job as educators is to educate, and there is just so much unknown with regard to the short and long term effects of vaping on our bodies.

With all of that being said, philosophically, I have always had an issue with some of the interventions we put into place for students who get caught either in possession of a vaping device or get caught actually vaping on campus. Typically, the intervention is to remove them from campus (in the form of an out of school suspension); removing them from the learning environment and causing them to fall further behind in their coursework. And although I have always believed that we needed to send a strong message to these students with regard to how harmful vaping could potentially be to them and how wrong it is to do on a school campus, I wasn’t always convinced that we were sending the correct message with OSS.

Officer Gentile and I talk about a new statute that I really think might help curb some of this behavior on campus. We both believe in the power of this statute, because the consequences are civil rather than criminal. Therefore, moving forward, students who are caught vaping on campus, or caught with a vaping device on campus are going to be receiving a civil infraction citation from law enforcement. And interventions for repeat offenders will be both from the school and the Altamonte Springs Police Department. You can visit our web page and read or download the actual language of both the statute and the citation for you all to look at.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Please download the citation language here 

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