In the spring of 2013 the Florida Legislature created new diploma options for the students of Florida. In doing so, they have offered students more choice as well as an opportunity to align their education to their future college and career plans. In Seminole County, we refer to these new choices as Diploma Pathways. We call them Pathways because we believe that students should use their time in high school to embark on their own personal Pathway to success. Students may now choose a Pathway that will result in a standard high school diploma, a high school diploma connected with industry certification, a diploma designed to rigorously prepare them for the university setting, a diploma option in world languages, or an Advanced Placement diploma option.

Seminole County Public Schools District Graduation Requirements - This information is intentionally general in nature and reflects the requirements of the Seminole County Student Progression Plan.

  Senior Information  - Current and rising seniors, learn about key dates and information.
Lake Brantley High School Commencement on May 22, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the UCF CFE Arena. 

Frequenty Asked Questions

Do I need to attend the graduation meeting (a.k.a. graduation practice)?
Yes! Attendance is required at the graduation meeting. At the meeting you will receive specific and important information about the graduation process. Tickets will be distributed to students after the meeting.

What can I wear to graduation?
All students need a new cap, gown, and tassel. Students may only wear school approved cords. Nothing can be added to the caps. Please see our chart for more specific information.

Why do I need to have a new cap and gown?
Caps and gowns can fade and have different dye lots. Also, the cost for the cap and gown includes a graduation fee, which supports the costs involved in a graduation ceremony. Please contact us if you have concerns about these costs.  

How many tickets can I request?
To be determined! 

Is there handicap accessible seating available for guests?
The UCF CFE Arena has handicap seating available. 

Can I bring balloons for my graduate? 
The UCF CFE Arena does not allow helium balloons in the facility.

Where will I meet my graduate after the ceremony?
Students will not exit the UCF CFE Arena the same way they entered. Please prearrange a meeting area with your graduate.