LBHS Attendance Policy 

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Credit Reinstatement Opportunities Plan (CROP)

Students who exceed 10 unexcused absences in any one class in a semester will have their credit withheld. While their transcript will show the course, the grade, and that the course was attempted, it will also show that credit was not earned. In order for credit to be reinstated, students will have to make up the time that they missed at designated times during the school year. If students do not make up the time in classes where credit is withheld, then the student must retake the course.

Credit may not be made up for a class until the student has had credit withheld, so a student may not make-up time during the same semester that a student’s unexcused absences for a class exceeds 10. Seniors who have credits needed to meet graduation requirements withheld, because of excessive unexcused absences, may be allowed to walk in graduation, but would not receive their diploma until all make-up time is completed and withheld credits reinstated on their transcript. Special make-up time procedures for these seniors will be communicated during the 2nd semester of the school year.

Semester 2 CROP Dates

  • April 6th 
  • May 11th

CROP sessions are always on Saturday mornings from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the media center. Please see your counselor if you are unsure of how many sessions you need to attend.

How Does It Work?

A student who lost credit in just one class, regardless of the number of absences, may have credit restored by attending, and successfully completing one of these CROP sessions. Students need to bring a copy of their transcript showing the class that had credit withheld to the CROP session. Students may get the copy of the transcript from their counselor.

Students who lost credit in multiple classes (2-7) during any one semester, may have credit restored by attending two CROP sessions in the same semester. Students need to bring a copy of their transcript showing all the classes in a specific semester that credit had been withheld to each of the two CROP sessions.

Students who lost credit in multiple classes in “different semesters”, will have to attend CROP sessions in more than one semester in order to have credit reinstated.

CROP Session Rules and Procedures:

  1. Students must report to the Media Center no later than 8:30am. Late students will not be admitted.
  2. Students must bring with them a copy of their transcript, from their school counselor, which indicate the credit that was withheld because of attendance.
  3. Phones or any other electronic devices will not be allowed. Students who at any time display their devices will be warned, and then if they are seen again, the student will be removed, without credit, from the CROP session.
  4. Food and drink may only be displayed and consumed by students at the designated break times. Bottled water may be in a student’s possession at any time.
  5. Students should bring a book to read, or something else to do in case there is some down time. Students will not be able have their head down, sleep, or communicate to other students unless permission is granted.
  6. Students who do not comply with these rules and procedures will not have their credits reinstated.